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Here's a list of our inspection services. Feel free to ask us about additional types of inspections. We perform all of our inspections according to the AZ Standards of Professional Practice for Home Inspectors. Call us at  (928) 985-2737 or you can Schedule Online



Concerned about termites?

We can now schedule Termite Inspections: from $125.00!

(Fees are set by pest control company (Atomic Pest Control) and are location specific)

Residential Inspection InterNACHI Certified


Our Residential Home Inspection service provides a thorough assessment of all aspects of your home, from the roof to the foundation. We provide detailed reports that cover the condition of all the major components of your home, including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Our experienced home inspectors are here to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

certified mold inspector


Our Mold Inspection service provides a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine the presence of any mold growth. Our experienced team of professionals uses advanced testing techniques to identify and eliminate any potential health risks associated with mold. We will provide you with a detailed report of our findings so that you can make an informed decision about your home's safety.

sewer scope certified inspector


Our Sewer Scope Inspection service provides an in-depth look at the condition of your home's sewer lines. Using state-of-the-art technology, our certified inspectors utilize a specialized camera to inspect your sewer lines, ensuring any potential issues are identified and resolved before they can lead to costly repairs. With our Sewer Scope Inspection service, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and sound.

mobile home inspection


A Mobile/Manufactured Home Inspection is similar to a Home Inspection but there are some things that differ when it comes to a Mobile/Manufactured Home. I’ll provide a non-invasive evaluation of the Mobile home’s accessible structure, systems and components. While a Mobile home inspection can’t reveal every concern that exists, it will significantly reduce your anxiety by arming you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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Manufactured Home Certifications:

Permanent Foundation Certifications of Manufactured Homes. Certifications of additions to Manufactured Homes. Expedient Service with Professional Reports

Move in Inspection


A Move-In Certified® Seller's Inspection alerts you to any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.

Certified Commercial Building Inspector


Our Commercial Building Inspection service provides a comprehensive assessment of your property's condition, safety, and compliance. We evaluate critical components, identify potential issues, and provide an accurate assessment for informed decision-making. Ensure the safety and compliance of your commercial property with our professional inspection service.

new construction certified inspector


Are you building a new home? We’ll come out during different phases of the construction process to make sure your project is being executed according to your specs. We can verify that scheduled work has been completed before you make a payment to your contractor. We’ll also come out prior to project completion to help you and your general contractor devise a punch list of remaining items. This is not a code-compliance inspection for your contractor, but a New Construction Inspection for you.

11th month Inspection


As your property's warranty is about to run out, our 11-Month Warranty Inspection service makes sure to check important things. We will go deeper than just looking at the surface. They carefully examine the structure, electrical systems, plumbing, and other crucial parts of your property to make sure everything is in good shape.

Roof Certified Inspector


Our Roof Inspection service is designed to give you peace of mind by providing a comprehensive report of the condition and integrity of your roof. Our team of experienced inspectors will thoroughly inspect all components of your roof, including flashing, gutters, and shingles, to make sure that your roof is structurally sound and properly sealed. With our Roof Inspection service, you can be sure that your roof is in its best condition.

Deck Certified Inspector


Our Deck Inspection service ensures your outdoor living space is secure and safe for use. Our certified home inspectors will thoroughly examine the structure of your deck, checking for signs of rot and decay, as well as any other potential safety issues. We'll provide you with a report detailing any necessary repairs or replacements that should be made to ensure your deck is a safe and enjoyable space.

Crawlspace Inspection


Our Crawl Space Inspections provide a thorough assessment of your home's Crawl Space, ensuring its safety and structural integrity. Our skilled inspectors carefully examine the crawl space's plumbing, floor structure and supports as well as electrical, identifying any potential hazards or signs of damage. By conducting these inspections, we help you understand what potential issues your home may have. Our detailed reports provide actionable recommendations for repairs or maintenance.

Annual Home Inspector


Our Annual Home Maintenance Inspection service provides a comprehensive review of your home's condition and identifies any potential issues. Our experienced and certified home inspectors will inspect your home from top to bottom to ensure that it is in good condition and functioning properly. We provide a detailed report so that you can plan for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Infrared Inspector


Infrared Inspection is an invaluable service that can help uncover hidden issues in a home. It utilizes infrared technology to detect temperature differences in the home, which can indicate the presence of moisture, electrical problems, and even pest infestations. With Infrared Inspection, you can save time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly repairs.

moisture instrusion inspector


Our Moisture Intrusion Inspection service helps detect any moisture present in your home's walls, ceilings and floors. Our certified inspectors use the latest technology to identify the source of the moisture, allowing us to provide reliable and accurate assessment of the condition of your home. With our service, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

Electrical Certified Inspector


An electrical home inspection provides a thorough examination of your entire electrical system, ensuring all electrical wires, systems, and components meet legal safety standards.

FAA 107 Certified Badge


Our Drone Inspection service offers an aerial perspective of your property, allowing for a comprehensive view of the roof, chimney, and other hard-to-reach areas. Utilizing the latest drone technology, our certified inspectors provide detailed and accurate inspection reports you can rely on. With our Drone Inspection service, you can be sure that no detail is overlooked.

plumbing certified inspector


A plumbing inspection is a systematic process of assessing the critical areas of the plumbing system of a property. It is performed by an InterNACHI certified plumbing inspector to avoid the risk of pipe corrosion, clogs, and leaks that can cause flooding and property damage.

monster free Inspection

MONSTER FREE INSPECTION: Free with any home inspection

Our Monster-Free Inspection is a fun and friendly way to check kids' rooms for any imaginary monsters. Our experts conduct a playful inspection, reassuring children and ensuring they have peaceful nights.

pool and spa certified inspector


Ensure a safe and functional pool or spa with our inspections. We thoroughly assess structure, equipment, water quality, and safety features. Identify issues like leaks or faulty equipment. Our detailed reports offer recommendations for repairs or maintenance. Trust us for comprehensive Pool and Spa Inspections, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

Home Maintenance Book Photo

Home Maintenance Book Is Included

As part of our comprehensive home inspection service at ARDR Home Inspections, LLC, we provide clients with a valuable home maintenance book. This book offers local-specific information on home functionality, essential maintenance tips, and energy-saving strategies.

It also includes seasonal maintenance checklists to keep your home in top condition throughout the year. We aim to empower clients with knowledge, ensuring their homes stay in great shape.

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